KIDS’ MENU (12 and under)

KIDS’ MENU (12 and under)
Includes choice of fries, home-style chips or fruit cup and beverage.

Steak Tips   $4.99
4 oz. grilled steak tips, lightly seasoned and cooked to order.

Chicken Tenders $4.99
4 grilled or fried crispy chicken tenders served with honey mustard.

Hamburger $4.99
4 oz. freshly ground steak cooked medium well or well done, served on a toasted bun.

Hot Dog  $3.69
Large, grilled hot dog served on a bun.

Grilled Cheese  $3.99
Hot, grilled cheese sandwich.

Macaroni and Cheese  $3.99
9 oz. portion of macaroni & cheese.

Broccoli may be substituted for any side for $.99